The dinner selection at The Pinewood Tippling Room does not disappoint either. Ahi tuna poke is one of the most popular selections on the dinner menu. This selection goes for $12 and features wonton chips, scallion, sambal chili, red onion, soy, sesame, and cubed raw tuna. The pork belly biscuit is also worth a try. It goes for $7 and features baby arugula, orange marmalade, and Dukes Mayo. An oyster roll goes for $10 and features bacon, remoulade, and cornmeal-crusted oysters. The wedge goes for $9 and features crispy shallots, buttermilk, blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, slab bacon lardons, and iceberg lettuce.

The baby lettuces combo goes for $7 and features vanilla balsamic vinaigrette, candied pecans, Valdeon blue cheese, and Mandarin orange. The beet salad is also quite delightful. It goes for $6 and features candied pecans, blue cheese, and marinated and roasted beets. The organic baby arugula goes for $7 and features black pepper, extra virgin oil, Grana Padano, and fresh lemon.

The main dishes are where things start to get a little bit more interesting. The crispy chicken and waffle selection goes for $16 and features a delicious combination of crystal chicken gravy, herb waffle, and savory cheddar. Equally delightful is the Tagliatelle Bolognese which goes for $22 and features crispy poached egg, pork, pancetta, veal, and Ivana Maroni artisanal pasta. The Pinewood cheeseburger goes for $14 and features tater tots, bacon, remoulade, and comes fully dressed and double stacked. Their smoked pork loin chop goes for $22 and features pork jus, stewed snap beans, and ramp Yukon-pesto gold mashers.

Fancy something wild and royal? Try the $24 Wild King Salmon. This selection is one of the most generous on the menu and features egg, soy, sesame, and edamame fried wild rice. The Burrata cheese ravioli go for $19 and feature white wine butter sauce and asparagus confetti. The dinner menu also features the pan-seared Carolina trout, which goes for $21 and features Beurre blanc sauce, apple smoked bacon succotash and sweet corn.

Extras include braised kale, sweet corn succotash, tater tots, stewed Georgia snap beans, cheddar hushpuppies, and grilled asparagus. The Pinewood Tippling Room also offers a wide selection of cocktails, whisky, gin, vodka, wines, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Pinewood Tippling Room is your go-to place in Decatur for mouth-watering dishes followed by delicious libations. The meal servings are quite generous, giving you the best value for your money. The menu features an extensive selection, meaning that you have more options to choose from. The drink selection is also quite generous, and you will be hard-pressed not to find something you like. As for the hospitality, The Pinewood Tippling Room boasts one of the most fantastic customer services around Decatur. An exciting adventure awaits you on your next trip to The Pinewood Tippling Room!…

Side dishes offered during brunch include Brussel sprouts, grit tots, tater tots, Waldrep sausage patties, biscuits and preserves, home fries, grits, eggs, applewood smoked bacon, and baby artisanal greens salad.

The Pinewood Tippling Room offers over half a dozen libations to go with your meal. “Goonies Never Say Die” is perhaps the most popular libation at the establishment. This drink goes for $10 and boasts an irresistible blend of grains of paradise, velvet falernum, lime, ginger, and four roses bourbon. Their milk punch selection goes for $8 and features nutmeg, vanilla, whole milk, cognac, and four rose bourbon. Pimm’s Cup goes for $9 and features mint, soda, ginger, lemon, Bombay Dry Gin, and Pimps Number One. French 75 goes for $10 and features lemon expression, Prosecco, lemon, and Bombay Dry Gin.

The $7 Gigi’s tea punch is also quite a treat for the palate. This selection goes for $7 and features mint, bitters, orange flower water, fresh citrus, earl grey tea, and vodka. A mimosa goes for $8 and features Prosecco and fresh-squeezed orange juice. The Bloody Mary also goes for $8 and features lemon, horseradish, cracked pepper, celery salt, Worcestershire, tomato, and vodka.

Non-alcoholic drinks include milk, Sprite, Diet Coke, Coke, fever-tree ginger ale, Fentimans Curiosity Cola, house ginger beer, house Shirley Temple, fresh-squeezed lemonade, freshly brewed tea, Batdorf Bronson coffee, and fresh-squeezed Oj.

The Pinewood Tippling Room offers one of the most extensive lunch menus, among them the daily lunch specials by the establishment’s chef. The daily lunch specials are accompanied by a drink of your choice. Monday’s special is the $8 rice and New Orleans red beans served with grilled Cajun andouille sausage. Tuesday’s special features the $12 turkey meatloaf which features crystal gravy, house mashers, and sauteed wild mushrooms. Wednesday’s special is the $11 Ritz cracker-crusted chicken breast featuring crystal gravy, pencil asparagus, and mashed red bliss potatoes. On Thursday, you can indulge in the $10 eggplant parmesan featuring rustic tomato sauce and tagliatelle egg noodles. On Friday, you can enjoy the $12 cornmeal-crusted catfish featuring cheddar hush puppies and sweet corn succotash.

If you are in the mood for something light, grit tots are an excellent option. This selection goes for $7 and features sweet chili aioli and mini logan turnpike cheese grit cakes. Brussel sprouts are available for $6 and feature Herbsaint buttermilk dipping sauce and are served crispy fried. Roasted beets go for $6 and feature Maytag blue cheese and toasted almonds. Heirloom Caprese goes for $8 and features watermelon radish, fresh mozzarella, and pesto.

The establishment also offers a wide range of salads on its lunch menu. Baby greens go for $6 and feature vanilla balsamic vinaigrette, spiced pecans, Mandarin orange, Valdeon blue cheese, and artisanal cheeses. Baby arugula goes for $6 and features cracked pepper, Grana Padano, olive oil, and lemon juice. The chicken Caesar salad goes for $10 and features garlicky croutons, anchovies, Grana Padano, and baby Romaine. The cornmeal-crusted oyster salad goes for $10 and features herbed ranch, bacon lardon, pickled red onions, and baby spinach.

Sandwiches include the Pinewood cheeseburger, black bean burger, cornmeal-crusted sandwich, fried Bologna sandwich, and chicken cordon bly.…

Located in Decatur GA (home of peach cobbler and Equifax!), The Pinewood Tippling Room offers guests the opportunity to experience a variety of Southern classics such as waffles and chicken with cheddar, crystal chicken gravy, and herb waffle, lady pea succotash, salmon with grilled corn, crispy prosciutto, and goat cheese mousse. The industrial-chic spot also offers a variety of delicious cocktails including grains of paradise, velvet falernum, lime, ginger, and forest bourbon among others.

Using hand cracking techniques, chisels, and electric chainsaws, mixologist Julian Goglia of The Pinewood Tippling Room and his crew extract extra-large cubes from huge blocks in an awe-inspiring ice program. From behind the bar, they incorporate the carefully shaped cubes into signature and classic cocktails — from Moscow mules to old fashioneds — crafted with housemade syrups, top-shelf spirits, tinctures, and sodas. To complement these drinks, Mike Blydenstein, the Executive Chef at The Pinewood Tippling Room uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to reinterpret regional cuisine and make Southern comfort food from scratch. The Pinewood Tippling Room’s traditional-meets-modern include fingerling potato hash with crunchy buttermilk chicken and house slaw with cornmeal-crusted oysters.

The Pinewood Tippling Room offers a wide selection of delicious treats on their brunch menu. Naturally, “The Usual” is one of the most popular selections for brunch. This selection goes for $9 and comprises home fries, buttermilk biscuit, applewood smoked bacon, and two eggs. You could easily have this combination every day of the week and not get bored.

The Huevo Rancheros Verdes goes for $11 and features a wonderful combination of corn tortillas, red beans, cotija cheese, slow-simmered pork, green chili, and two poached eggs. The wild mushroom omelet goes for $10 and features home fries, swiss cheese, and wild mushrooms. Another selection that promises to delight your palate is the $14 Crabby Benny. This selection features persillade, sauce choron, English muffin, jumbo lump crab meat, and two poached eggs. The pain Purdu goes for $10 and features chantilly cream, spicy Georgia peaches, whipped butter, and bourbon crusted French toast.

If you’re up for some chicken during brunch, the $10 chicken Ciabatta sandwich will more than suffice. The chicken ciabatta sandwich features a delightful combination of tater tots, remoulade, baby head lettuce, red onion, vine ripe tomato, roasted chili, cheddar cheese, and grilled chicken breast. The chicken cordon bly is also quite delightful. This selection goes for $10 and features home fries, crystal chicken gravy, swiss cheese, sliced ham, crispy chicken, herb waffle, and savory cheddar. Craving something with pork? Try the $12 house-smoked pork belly hash. This combination features smoked swiss cheese, red bliss potatoes, tri-colored peppers, two scrambled eggs, and a smoked pork belly.

Fancy a cheeseburger? Why not try the Pinewood cheeseburger? The selection goes for $12 and wonderfully blends tater tots, bacon, remoulade, and comes fully dressed and double stacked to ensure that you have a wholesome meal. The smoked Carolina trout goes for $12 and features creamy caesar dressing and grilled Romaine hearts. Also worth a try, is the $7 heirloom tomato Caprese which features basil pesto and fresh mozzarella.…