We love whiskey, but more to the point… we really love a good old fashioned whiskey cocktail. At The Pinewood we carry over 100 whiskies and would love to make you the perfect Old Fashioned with any of them. That being said, our favorite is the one we serve right out of the tap. Draft whiskey might sound a little weird at first, but as Hunter S. Thompson once said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


Our draft cocktails are about as traditional as they come. For the Old Fashioned we muddle lemon peel into sugar, add whiskey and bitters, then dilute it to just the right strength. The only differences from Professor Jerry Thomas’s 1862 version comes from our giant ultrapure ice cubes, the use of 10yr small batch bourbon, and the fact we can serve one in about three seconds flat. We’re pretty sure his would’ve tasted almost exactly like ours, until you ordered a round of them for everyone in the bar… at that point he may have cried. We don’t cry.

old fashioned-4

2oz Bourbon
1 Tsp Sugar
3 Dashes bitters (We generally use Angnostura)
Lemon or Orange Peel (We use both)

Muddle sugar and Peel. Add whiskey, bitters, and ice. Stir until perfect.

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